Hi!, I’m Rae.

Graphic Designer
Ally 🏳️‍🌈

I am a creative soul.

It began with my love of Disney animated movies as a child and then developed into an eye for right angles and clean designs. I studied graphic design in college and following the birth of my daughter, I immersed myself in the world of professional photography. The two studies go hand in hand. I believe I have an eye for composition and can create beautiful family portraits as well as stunning event invitations and decorations.

I primarily photograph families and children, with specialties in newborn, weddings and engagement photography. But I am well suited to shoot any event.

Being a wife and mom has taught me nothing but patience. I can handle a crying newborn, troublesome toddler or even a grumpy adult. I love to get down on a child’s level. I will chase them around, play peek-a-boo or even blow bubbles. I will get a smile out of your child.

As for my invitations, I love vintage but also stay with current designs. Pocket folds, floral envelope liners, custom printed addresses, twine or metallic card stock. I can create the invitations of your dreams. Plus I love Pinterest for inspiration. But don’t forget as a working graphic designer I can create you a logo for your business, hand painted posters for your child’s birthday party or program for your special event.

A few of my favorite things: Schitt’s Creek & True Crime Podcasts, grilled cheese sandwiches, listening to Fleetwood Mac records while cooking for my family, long car rides and rainy days

Things I could not live without: my family & friends, my camera and iPhone, coffee, and music

I’m ready when you are! Your beautiful content is right around the corner.