Class in a Box

Written by Rachael Balascak

March 11, 2021


Class in a Box is a great way to commemorate a class school photo in a safe and socially distant way. The parents or teachers take the photo of the child, upload to a google folder with the child’s name and I photoshop them into a class configuration. The school, class year and teachers name can be displayed as well. Students who do not want to participate will still be counted with an empty box. The names of the students can also be added, if requested.

I began offering these at the beginning of the school year and I heard nothing but positive reviews. The kids loved how it turned out and the parents loved having a memento from their school year. Also, I just received an order for an entire 3rd grade class – 85 boxes on 1 page!

Click here for all the information. There is an option to just have a digital file sent to the teacher or I can get a 8×10″ printed for each student and the teacher. And I have a PDF of instructions ready for the teacher to send to each of the parents.

If you think any teachers  would be interested feel free to pass along my information. I would love to work with any teacher or class.

Best, Rae

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