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"What to Wear" Guide


Fall is the perfect time

to capture memories. Cooler temps, saturated colors, and snuggling up close to your family are the perfect recipe for amazing photographs. The easiest place to start is with one item of clothing. Pick a scarf, sweater, or your child’s outfit and then start building your outfits to coordinate around that. Think of it like a recipe for a beautiful cake. Also, stay true to yourselves – if your kid hates jeans, don’t force them to wear them. If you hubby loves his t-shirts, buy him a brand new one. Comfort is the key to all the smiles.
Now let’s get you dressed!


Yellow & Shades of Blue

Mom is stunning in a statement sweater, while her kids wear complimentary colors.


Fuchsia, Gold & Navy

Bright jewel tones pop off the fall background.


Grey, Navy & Red

You can never go wrong with Classic Colors.

Pink & Navy

I love the mix of flannel patterns.


Green & Funky Print

Never be afraid of something different.
Dinosaurs for everyone!


Beige, Grey & Plum

Stay natural with earth tones


This shade of green coordinates beautifully with navy and red.


Tan, Flannel & Dogs

Always bring your best accessories…man’s best friend!


Gold, Burgundy & Green

Dad’s statement vest sets the tone for the entire family.

Just the Kids

Fancy Pants Christmas

Accessorize with a top hat and your fanciest party dress.


Jean Jackets & Mary Janes

Lets those kiddos shine in Denim


Classic Red & White

You can never go wrong with Classic Colors.


Nothing cuter than 4 little girls in the same flannel pajamas!


Navy & Orange

Compliment those smiles with  Flannel and Jeans


Have Fun!

Xmas sweaters and fun accessories

Generational Family

Sweaters & Jeans

Go casual while complimenting each other


Fuchsia, Navy & Turquoise

Beautiful jewel tones to pop off the background


Shades of Yellow

Even Grandma & Grandpa dressed for the occasion.

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